CSA Contact Number – 0843 487 1816

CSA contact numberThe CSA overseas the payment of child support money to parents or guardians of dependent children from the non-custodial parent after parent separation. Individuals may need to contact the CSA to file or adjust a claim, have questions answered about an existing case, lodge a service complaint or appeal a decision regarding payment amount. The correct CSA contact number will depend on the situation.

New and Recent Claims

Parents or guardians making new claims should contact Child Maintenance Options, who will assess the situation and assist the claimant. They will also provide a phone number to call with questions about the recent claim after it has been filed – Child Maintenance Options cannot answer questions regarding claims after they are filed. This CSA phone number will also appear on any correspondence or material sent to the applicant by the CSA regarding that claim.

Existing Claims

The CSA helpline for inquiries regarding established cases is different depending on whether the claim was made up to 2003 or after that year. For older claims – 1993-2003 – applicants can use an online form for call the main CSA helpline with any questions or problems they might have.
For cases established after 2003, claimants need to contact their local office based on what part of the country they live in. A list of the six local office and the regions they serve is available on the CSA website, which also has a helpful tool for locating the local office if the applicant lives in an area near the edge of two regions.

CSA contact numberComplaints and Appeals

Claimants who believe that they have been treated badly by the CSA should call the main CSA helpline. If the issue cannot be resolved, the location handling the case refers it to a Complaints Resolution Team who will strive to come to a decision within 15 working days. If this does not resolve the problem, individuals can contact the Independent Case Examiner, or even the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to investigate the matter further.

Those who wish to appeal a decision of the CSA, such as payment amount, should do so within a month by calling the CSA contact number and explaining the reasons they do not agree with the CSA’s decision. If this does not resolve the issue, there is a length appeals process that can be done through an independent tribunal.