CSA Complaints – 0843 487 1816

CSA ComplaintsThe Child Support Agency manages child maintenance payments for children whose parents have separated. The most common CSA complaints reasons are delay in processing child support, disagreement in deciding on the liability to the paying parent, failure in following the laid down rules or protocols when trying to recover money from paying parents who have defaulted, and other issues. 

Whom to Contact

If there is a deficiency in the service offered by CSA, or if those dealing with CSA and unhappy with the service provided, and want to lodge a compliant, it is necessary to contact the local CSA office as the first step. Most people call to complain about delays in receiving payments, delays in enrolments, complaint by paying parent against the amount of liability, and other service deficiencies.

CSA Appeals

There is a structured CSA appeals process to follow, if the complainant is not satisfied with the response after having made a complaint.

If the local CSA office is not able to resolve the complaint, or if the person making the complaint is not satisfied with how the local CSA office dealt with the complaint, the issue is escalated to the Complaints Resolution Team automatically. This team tries to resolve all issues escalated to it, within 15 days, and if not, offers a definite time-frame to the aggrieved. 

If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Complaints Resolution Team, or if the process takes inordinately long, the complainant can appeal to the Complaints Review Team. The aggrieved may use the normal CSA complaints number for this purpose. 

If the complainant is not satisfied with even the decision of the Complaints Review Team, he or she may ask for the case to be examined by an Independent Case Examiner (ICE). 

As a further step, if the complainant disagrees with the response of the Independent Case Examiner, he or she may ask the Member of Parliament (MP) to refer the case to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. 


If the CSA complaints has been found valid at any stage, the agency will apologise, and set things right as required. It may even be possible to get a consolatory payment depending on the merits of the case. Although compensation is not a legal right, it is possible to make appeals on the decision on compensatory payment, using the same process as the original complaint.