CSA Payment Rates

CSA Payment RatesThe Child support agency (CSA) has a 6 step process which they go through to calculate CSA payment rates. These CSA payment review reviewed on a yearly basis. If there is then changes in circumstances then these will be taken account during the annual review. Up to date information can be found by calling the CSA number.

What is included in the 6 step process

First the CSA looks at the parents yearly gross income. This will be based on tax receipts turns supplied by the HMRC. They will also look to see if the parent is receiving any benefits from the government. The CSA will then look at other things that could change the gross amount of income. They will take these two figures and convert them into a weekly amount. 

Applying the CSA payment rates

Once they have determined a gross weekly backup for the parent they will apply CSA rate depending on the level of income. Parents who are earning below 7 pounds a week will have a zero rate applied. Parents who are earning between 7 pounds and £100 a week will have a flat rate applied. Parents who earn between £100 and £190 a week will have a reduced rate applied. Parents are earn between £200 and £800 per week will have a basic rate applied. And parents earning between £800 and £3,000 a week will have basic plus applied. 

Taking into consideration other children

If the parent and has to pay child maintenance on other children then this will be taken into consideration. This includes children living with them and any past arrangements that are being made with the ex-partners.

Using these four steps the CSA will determine a weekly chart maintenance amount that the painter of needs to pay. If that paying parents has shared care of the child then CSA is will make a deduction based on the average numbers of nights of shared care. So for example if the child stays with the paying parent during the weekend then this Saturday and Sunday night would be deducted from the weekly amount that is due in child maintenance payments. Before any payments are deducted the CSA will contact the paying parent.